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October 2010           Hangzhou Dejia Electronic Co.,Ltd was established in Lin’an. With excellent talents, advanced equipment and professional technology, it boomed and became the pioneer of LED lighting PCB, MCPCB and copper base PCB manufacturer.

October 2012           DEJIA became one of the first manufacturers which is able to manufacture 3D bent aluminum PCB.

December 2014       DEJIA imported two automatic production line, thus increasing the monthly output to 30,000m2, and annual value to approximately 95Millions CNY.

April 2015                 DEJIA has been heading toward PCB in automotive electronics and has received PCB orders in large quantities from multiple automotive lighting, controllers, high voltage boxes, charging piles and other new automotive energy companies.

June 2017                DEJIA launched its own brand for the material of aluminium-based Copper-Clad Laminate (from 1W to 12W), and was awarded the UL certificate for the material in

October 2018           Due to the demand for the development, DEJIA invested 100Millions CNY in Developing Zone, Jiangshan, Zhejiang Province. It purchased 13,500m2 land where the 15,000m2 workshop and the 3,500m2 office building have been constructed.  Monthly output is able to rise up to 200,000m2  in the new plant. And the company has been renamed Zhejiang DEJIA Electronics Technology Limited Company.
June of 2012, Dejia initially bring out the MC PCB into market, which is widely used in LED indoor & outdoor lighting, car lighting and backlighting fields etc, and brings new revolution to those fields. Now GE, Volkswagen, Audi, BOE, TOPSTAR are main end users of 3D bending aluminum PCB. 

The management philosophy of Dejia is "Self-discipline and social commitment; Transferring value and achieve ourselves" . Doing business professionally and employs professional talents, thus setting human moral etiquette into the products. Feedback clients' trust and love by high quality product and the best service.
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