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FR4 Multi-layer immersion Gold PCB with peelable mask

Surface finished: Gold plating, immersion gold(Silver), HAL lead free
 Hot air solder leveling(HASL), Entek coating (OSP)
Solder mask: Green, white, black, yellow, red, blue
Other printing: Gold finger, carbon print, peelable mask, solder mask plugged hole
Copper thickness: 1/2 oz (18 μm) ~ 4 oz (140 μm)
Min. Finished hole size: 0. 25mm(12mil)
Hole size tolerance (PTH): +/-0. 076mm (3 mil)
Hole size tolerance (NPTH): +/-0. 05mm (2 mil)
Min. Line width and spacing: 0. 10mm (4 mil)
Min. Solder mask clearance: 0. 076mm (3 mil)
Min. Annular ring: 0. 1mm (4mil)
Profile and V-cut: CNC-routing, stamping and beveling, V-CUT, CNC
Special process: Micro-section, chamfer for gold finger


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